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The most expensive material on earth

How to get rich?

Apparently, all you need is 1 gram of this stuff... And then someone who wants to buy a few molecules ;) 
The cost to create 1 gram of anti-hydrogen is estimated at 4.79 times the US National Debt. *

Just a Wikipedia Quote:
Scientists claim antimatter is the costliest material to make. In 2006, Gerald Smith estimated 250 million dollars could produce 10 milligrams of positrons (equivalent to $25 billion per gram); and in 1999 NASA gave a figure of $62.5 trillion per gram of antihydrogen. This is because production is difficult (only a few antiprotons are produced in reactions in particle accelerators), and because there is higher demand for the other uses of particle accelerators. According to CERN, it has cost a few hundred million Swiss Francs to produce about 1 billionth of a gram (the amount used so far for particle/antiparticle collisions).

Several NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts-funded studies are exploring whether it might be possible to use magnetic scoops to collect the antimatter that occurs naturally in the Van Allen belt of the Earth, and ultimately, the belts of gas giants like Jupiter, hopefully at a lower cost per gram.

*Actually this is a lot cheaper than I would have expected. And there is more good news: We can safely assume this number of 4.79 times the US National Deficit is decreasing rapidly ;)

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