edwinhijmans (edwinhijmans) wrote,

From the depths of time

From left to right: Cadel Evans (Aus), World Champion 2009, Alexander Vinokourov, winner of the  Vuelta in 2006, Alfredo Binda, world champion 1927, 1930, 1932, winner of the Giro in 1925, 1927-'29, 1933
Evans (left) and Vinokourov (to the right) on their way to MontelcinoThe much feared Alfredo Binda, the only cyclist ever to have been paid for not starting in the Giro d'Italia
For once, it seemed like we were 80 years back in time. No one knows if the great Alfredo Binda would have appreciated yesterday's stage in the Giro d'Italia. Alexandr Vinokurov didn't, he stated that 'though spectacular, stages like this don't belong in a grand tour'. Cadel Evans, the other hero of the day mentiononed he was happy to have won the stage, but staying in front and avoiding trouble had been his main objective.

And look: once we place Binda's picture next to them, it's like nothing has changed in 80 years. As one reporter at Eurosport remarked: "This is what cycling must have been back then".
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