edwinhijmans (edwinhijmans) wrote,

Zemba-documentary on Wikileaks

 I just saw this documentary on the Dutch internet TV-channel 'Uitzending gemist' (missed broadcasts). I didn't know all about Wikileaks yet, but this gives a nice overview: http://www.uitzendinggemist.nl/index.php/aflevering?aflID=11858463&md5=63ffcd832fae1fcea4fa44e95cf82c4d

Apart from getting some information on Wikileaks, it gave me a pretty firm idea that there's a lot of filth out there, that is being practiced by Western democracies in their people's names. I can't say much else than that I support any initiative that brings the information to the public, so that not just history, but also the current press and ultimately the people can deal with our decision makers in a democratically suited way.
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